About Log Support - IntelliJ IDEA Plugin - Project

"Log Support" is a plugin for the Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA. The purpose of this plugin is to make the usage of log frameworks as painless as printing to stdout when used in a day to day business. This is achieved by adding intentions, live templates and code inspections that support the most important aspects of the configured log framework.

On top of the basic feature set, enterprise class features like log ID and log review generation are available to help improving the overall quality of the generated log. In particular the generation of XHTML log review documents can greatly help to improve the quality as non-developers like "technical writers" get the ability to take a look at ALL log messages that exist inside a project.


The Motivation & Idea behind

The motivation behind writing this plugin was to ensure logging is considered from the start and not at the end of the project when people start to remember that logging was a requirement.

IntelliJ IDEA offers a perfect platform to code very fast. When adding intelligent live templates, logging becomes really painless to use and it is then used by team members.

Besides this, there's also the situation that log output is not only generated for developers but should satisfy the need for detailed information of support staff and administrators. As developers are usually too focused on the project, there should be a 3rd party that is able to review the generated log and check the messages for plausibility.


This plugin is released under the terms & conditions of the Apache 2.0 license.

The license can be found here and on http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html